Established in Ireland in 2004, TARGET provides geophysical services to private and public sector clients for mapping buried archaeological remains prior to proposed development.

With 25 years bona fide expertise in archaeological geophysics, TARGET delivers professional and reliable services, undertaking high resolution geophysical surveys combined with precision GPS, using the latest instrumentation and software.

TARGET’s pre-development geophysical services for archaeology are commissioned at design stage, prior to planning submission, and in response to local planning authority requests for further information.

Qualified, and with wide-ranging expertise, TARGET has decades of hands on survey expertise with a variety of magnetic, electromagnetic and resistivity instrumentation, as well as in-depth knowledge of site-specific soil and geological conditions which might determine preference for application of one geophysical technique, or combination of techniques, over another.

TARGET combines this in-house expertise providing clients with authoritative and expert advice, delivering robust and pragmatic geophysical solutions for archaeological investigation, which are both intuitive and cost-effective.

John Nicholls
Geophysicist at TARGET
MSc. Archaeological Prospection, Dept. of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford 1995-1996, UK